Commercial Electricians

Emergency lighting installs, repairs, LED upgrades, 6 monthly and 12 monthly testing and log report It is a requirement to carry out such tests, not only can we issue compliance certificates we can also carry out emergency lighting repairs and upgrades.

Office and carpark maintenance and installs full electrical office fit outs, workstation power, re tubing of existing light fittings, repair of existing light fittings replacement of existing light fittings, same day service, non-compliant lights are a WHS issue.

Switchboard installs, repairs a switchboard upgrade is mandatory for any office or shop renovation or circuit addition, old switchboards and faulty circuits are a severe fire hazard. RCD's save lives and should be installed on all power and lighting circuits.

High speed data and communications cabinet and cabling installs wiring upgrade for faster speeds.

Designer and feature lighting architectural lighting designs to boost aesthetics.

LED lighting upgrade A great option to reduce electricity bill costs and to severely minimise the amount of lighting maintenance.



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